Friday, April 1, 2011

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                     Royal Wedding Envy Modern Design

       The countdown is on what the media are calling "marriage of the century." You may be in the midst of your planning well, and can not stop buying into the buzz royal wedding. While you are working out like crazy and eat a salad for lunch, it would be nice to know if Kate is on a diet as well. Or, if William is getting nervous! Chances are that the candy empire just as excited about their upcoming wedding as people will become. Unless, of course, the fact that the whole world will see their "I dos!" Talk about nerve wracking. When you are planning your wedding, there are a few tips you should take from the nobility. Perhaps the number one thing to take from every royal wedding is to keep it classy. Trendy dresses and colors come and go, but your wedding photos should be capable of a range of trends with some classic style.

       So glad that you are not in the same boat this kingdom cuties involved. Yes, they are the super rich and famous, but you are classy and beautiful and can tell everyone you know where you are going to get married. And there will be no helicopters hovering above interfere with your wedding! Enjoy looking like a princess on your big day and your adorable boy will look like a prince at the end of the hall that was. Dance the night away to hip hop or bands your friends, and know that Kate and William probably will not even do the electric slide on them. Queen would not approve, but the new mother-in-law will probably lead all your guests in this dance super classy.

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