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Couples across the country are finding many benefits of having their wedding and / or reception in a tent. The nice thing about the use of tents is that they are roomy, keep guests warm or chilled, not expensive to hire, and can be enhanced with all kinds of decorations, as you will see from one end are listed below:

Flowers are always a great way to decorate the wedding / reception tent regardless of the theme. If you want to hide the plain pole, you can wrap the wreath with lights or silk flowers around them.
Start with lighting. String lights can be purchased for very little money and a great way to create a fantasy wedding. For example, you can choose a butterfly colorful lights to enhance an informal wedding or white, twinkling lights for a formal wedding.
You can also place lights around a special tent to keep mosquitoes away from the guests while providing light, nice gentle.
Candles are also an excellent choice for decorating. For weddings, you can put a table in front on both sides of the bride or for the reception, on the table as part of the center.
Fabrics can also be very profitable. Instead of using flowers, you can wrap the poles in coordinating fabric, curtain fabric from the door, or make a swing that hangs gently from the ceiling, going from one side of the tent to the front. If the dance floor set in the reception tent, rent a bubble machine to add a fantasy. This creates an atmosphere that is elegant and fun
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mark lawrence said...

Truly awesome decorations and wish this information will help me in decorating my nephew’s wedding which is being arranged at one of grand New York wedding venues. Thinking to decorate venue in elegant way with flowers. Planning to have a lovely wedding.

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