Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Unique Wedding Packages: Las Vegas Klingon Wedding IN

How is this for a unique wedding, fun is not it? You can have your wedding Klingon presence in Las Vegas. Great if you are a fan of Star Trek, This is definitely a chance you'll only find in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek Experience attraction offers five different wedding packages to choose from. Packages range in price from $ 350 to Vulcan Vows Renewal Package up to $ 3000 for the Admiral's Wedding Package. Here are some wedding planning tips: some wedding packages are more expensive on Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays so if you want to save money, avoid your Las Vegas wedding Klingon on one of the days.

So what exactly do the Star Trek Experience wedding package include? A ceremony at the bridge of the USS Enterprise, the minister wearing a Starfleet, and intergalactic music comes with every wedding package. You will also receive tickets to the Museum of History of the Future, Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion 4D with several packages. You also can have a wedding reception at Quark's Bar and Restaurant. So if you have a vision of Klingon-themed wedding, Las Vegas is the place to go. One thing is for sure, A Star Trek Wedding guaranteed to be unique and memorable experience for you, your spouse, and your wedding guests. Rebecca Johnson lived in Las Vegas for eight years and married there in 2004. He now owns and operates Las Vegas Wedding Informer, a website about Las Vegas Wedding Planning. Visit to insider tips, planning info, and more unique themed Las Vegas wedding package.

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