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       One of the biggest costs associated with your big day is a wedding reception, but there are ways to cut costs while still fun and create a festive party for family and friends.
Now that you're involved, you've got a lot of planning to do. You have set the date and the budget (right?) And now you find that the wedding reception will take out most of your budget.

1. Location, Location, Location As the saying goes, location is everything. In this case, the location of which can save you money. Instead of booking a hotel ballroom or other exclusive "must-have" location, looking for something a little different and unique. You will be surprised at how many locations are free or very low cost. Look into the gardens, vineyards, museums, churches, hotel rooms or even a house party of a friend or family member.
2. Limit Your Guest List It's tempting to invite your 50th cousin twice removed, and very easy to give up and let family members invite the people who greet you back in kindergarten, but for the sake of your budget, you should be firm with your guest list .
3. Let them Eat Cake Your wedding cake can average $ 5 per serving and up, easy to take a big bite from your budget.
4. Food Family members are usually more than happy to help prepare food for your reception.

5. To Drink or not to Drink Alcohol also increases the cost of your wedding reception. Consider having only limited drinks.
6. Decorating With a little creativity (lights, candles, faux plants and trees), anywhere can be transformed into a beautiful reception location.
7. Save the music itself $ 1000 or more with prior live band.
8. Something Loan ... There are so many details to attend when planning a wedding reception.
Do not let your wedding reception to bury you under a mountain of debt. With a little resourcefulness and creativity, you can create beautiful - wedding reception filled with memories that will last a lifetime - and affordable.

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