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0 Modern Wedding Reception Ideas

3 Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

Newlyweds prepare food for their guests at the wedding reception they can make or break the entire celebration. If the menu consists of cooking forgotten that tasted like cheap take-out, it will only damage the nuances of marriage in general. It is always wise to attempt to something memorable and contemporary. Using the power of imagination. Do not be afraid to be bold and feature food that tantalizes senses of the guest list.

1. Comfort Foods

Who says comfort food can not be a wedding reception menu? Clearly, a love for macaroni and cheese. You can also have pizza and cheese with Gruyere. Hamburger mini sirloin and blue cheese have also comfort food staple. It can be served family style. It set a festive and relaxed atmosphere at the reception.

2. Having a theme

Most of the time, the obsessive compulsive kind of individuals who are all tied together. They are basing their catering menu on the season and theme weddings.
For example, you can have apple-maple glazed chicken and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert when the wedding in the fall. You can have lemon grilled salmon with fresh vegetables if it summer wedding.

3. Opening and Cocktails

Do you want to be different to eat five ordinary program? If yes, your marriage will be different from the traditional kind by basing on the opening and cocktail reception.
For example, you can serve drinks at the drink of your choice and serve with shrimp. Go for the appetizer you want to be fit for you and your significant other.


Just remember that the catering sets the mood for the whole business. You should also put into consideration the guests at your wedding. What food they like? You can create original and delicious menu with no excessive spending. Just be aware of your budget.

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