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0 New Wedding Fun Show - "Say Yes to Atlanta Dress"

New Wedding Fun Show - "Say Yes to Atlanta Dress"

I am a sucker for shows marriage in general, and especially those who show they shopped for wedding dresses. If you like to see the bride tries mermaid, ballgowns, and all the others in order for that perfect wedding dress, then there is a new event you would like. Wedding fun new show this season is "Say Yes to Atlanta Dress". Original "Say Yes to the Dress" show set in New York, and it was very enjoyable. Just like "Law and Order", sometimes when a program is good, two (or three or four) a better version. What makes the Atlanta version of the hit tv show apart from the obvious sense of the original South. South love a good wedding! This should really be based on a multi-generational clan who accompany the bride to Bridals by Lori in Atlanta. If you opt out a dress to please your mother seems daunting, imagine also have to please your grandmother, your aunt, your sister, your best friend, and oh yeah - yourself! This is a major undertaking, and sometimes wonders if the bride find a gown that the whole family can agree. Families on the "Say Yes to Atlanta Dress" the stubborn! And they're not ashamed to express their feelings on wedding dresses, veils, and wedding jewelry, fine. In one recent episode I saw, the bride is the Atlanta Falcons a stunning cheerleaders who are looking for something to wear for an outdoor wedding at a location of historic style. Sometimes their large extended family can work together to support the bride, even if it took them some time to come around. That's one of the most exciting thing about the "Say Yes to Atlanta Dress". When the bride was trying on dresses trillion and he is to tear his hair out, suddenly the fashion director or consultant issued a dark horse: a dress that does not like what the bride thinks she wants. Southern Bride has a definite flair for the dramatic as well, which makes everything more fun to see what they eventually choose. So if you are looking for a little fun eye candy with some exciting moments, be sure to check the "Say Yes to Atlanta Dress". And if you're a Southern bride willing to share their experiences with the world dress shopping, the show is still accepting applications! Tell us if you need assistance in planning your wedding.Take advantage Bridget experience helping clients select jewelry and accessories wedding. Http://silverlandjewelry.com/ Visit us today and receive free shipping on your jewelry order over $ 99.

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