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Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

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White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses
White Wedding Dresses

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What Are Romantic Wedding Gowns?

When women dream of their wedding day, they always dream that they will wear romantic wedding gowns. Well, a wedding day is indeed very romantic and the bride will surely want something romantic to wear. So, what does a romantic wedding gown look like? They are based on an older style of dresses and have a vintage style sometimes.

Flattering Style

A romantic wedding gown is always a favorite design because the tight upper body piece makes the body looks slimmer with a big skirt. Even teenagers like wearing this style to their prom occasions. Obviously, this design is very flattering for anyone who would wear it. It is also very feminine when worn.

A romantic wedding gown always seems to look like a fairy tale wedding gown because of the puffiness of the full skirt that is floor length. Some styles will have full sleeves and fitted sleeves on the elbows. There are many designs to choose from with the romantic wedding dress. Some designs will opt for a plain top with a very fancy skirt, while some will have a heavily beaded or accented top with a plain skirt. You can be more familiar with this look by looking through romantic era books and you will see how flattering and feminine this design is.

Rich Assortment Of Suitable Accessories

The effect hat this dress brings is sort of dramatic because of the many accents and accessories on the dress. It could sometimes look over the top because of the rich accents but really, it is simply wonderful. It will also look better if you wear a headpiece, like a frothy veil or long trailing veil or even a tiara will be great. Choosing a headpiece will really depend on you. A headpiece made of flowers will also add a romantic style to your whole look.

Beautiful Fabrics Can Be Used

A romantic wedding gown can be made from many fabrics like lace, satin, chiffon, velvet, silk and organza. You can ask some expert opinion from designers on what type of fabric you can mix and match along with your accents like buttons, flowers, beading, ribbons, crystals and embroidery. You can add anything you like on your wedding gown since that is what you will be wearing on your wedding day. You can be as elaborate as possible. To add some romantic feeling in your wedding, you can set up your wedding looking like the romantic era. Your guests will surely enjoy this.

Jewel is what is described to a bride wearing a romantic wedding gown on her wedding. The romantic wedding dress fits all wedding settings and themes, it also makes the bride look very slender and like a princess. Your wedding day will surely be memorable.

From:Scott Nichols

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Wedding Dresses - 5 Hot New Wedding Dress Designers You Need to Know

In the world of wedding fashion, your name is your trademark. From couture one-of-a-kind dresses to breezy ready-to-wear styles, these five up-and-coming designers represent the next class of high-style designer names to remember. Move over Ms. Wang...

The Island Fashionista - Tamara Catz

Peering from the panoramic window of her ocean-side studio on the island of Maui, it's easy for Tamara Catz to understand that a sweaty, satin-and-tulle-encased bride isn't a great look for a beach wedding. Instead, she envisions the kind of dress that can "make a girl want to walk barefoot in the sand with the man of her dreams - flowy, feminine, simple." Catz, 36, modeled her line of romantic, bohemian-style wedding dresses after her breezy sensibility.

The Buenos Aires native spent seven years creating contemporary resort wear before she felt the artistic urge to foray into the world of bridal wear in 2007. "A wedding dress is probably the most special garment a woman will ever put on, so I knew that my bridal designs could be a little more dreamy and unique than those for my every day clothes," says the 36-year-old. The Hawaiian-inspired designs feature relaxed feminine shapes, simple cuts, and organic accents like shells. Rather than overpowering the bride, Catz's simple silhouettes and light, flowing fabrics "make a women feel like herself," something she believes, "the traditional Cinderella-like wedding dress doesn't always do." Naturally, they're most at home as alternative-style gowns for beach weddings, and many are even versatile enough to wear after the wedding. The best part for that special day, though, is that a Catz design can feel just as refreshing as sand between their toes.

The Custom Duo - Miosa Bride

"Miosa" combines two names: Michael and Sanea Sommerfield. Miosa Bride combines two visions: that of a husband and a wife to craft couture of the highest quality in a surprising location. Based in Sacramento, California, Sanea, 42, brings her business expertise and insight into the female psyche, while Michael, 46, draws from experience gained sewing outdoor wear at his father's store and running a Sacramento tailor shop. "Sewing is like breathing to him," Sanea gushes. "I am still amazed most of the time at his understanding and knowledge."

The decision to stay in Sacramento despite a zip code that lacks an obvious couture culture was in part an effort to bring high style to the capital city, but it was also a personal one. "We had four children and did not want to move the family," Sanea explains. "Family comes first, so we had to build a business that could function here." Their exquisite fabrics and design techniques have earned them a local following, and now that the kids are grown, the duo plans to begin branding nationally this year.

The consultation phase is an integral component in the process of creating their gowns. The team takes detailed measurements to draft an initial pattern that accurately mimics the bride's body with respect to her level of comfort. They then gather information about her and her wedding so they can weave her personality into the dress, whether soft fabrics for a romantic or a daring silhouette for a sophisticate. Pieces of the gown are then individually cut and sewn in-house, often using 100 percent silk fabrics imported from Europe. The result is a couture gown inspired by the natural aesthetic of the woman wearing it.

The Green Pioneer - Deborah Lindquist

Deborah Lindquist raised a few eyebrows when she launched a daywear line made exclusively from recycled fabrics in 1983, long before the terms "eco" and "green" had been coined. Raised on a farm in Willmar Minnesota, surrounded by gardens, orchards and corn fields, Lindquist was 5 years old when her grandmother taught her to sew. "Life on the farm sparked my respect for the earth, and I knew that if I was to make an impact in the fashion world, I would have to do so in a manner that remained true to my love for the environment," says the 52-year-old.

Lindquist highlighted a 2005 fashion show with a wedding dress made of hemp that drew national interest - from brides who read about it in blogs to a USA Today article on help farming that featured it. So in 2007, Deborah launched a green wedding collection made entirely of recycled materials, hemp blends, and soy silks.

If the idea of wearing hemp conjures up thoughts of scratchy ill-fitted clothing, brides can rest assured that these luxurious, highly-stylized gowns are more suitable for a walk down the red carpet than a stroll up Haight-Ashbury. Lindquist's dresses have a romantic, feminine feel with a bit of an edge. Detailed lace, beadwork, and ribbons embellish her creations with an air of elegance, while flirtatious bustiers and corsets lend a cutting-edge aesthetic. In an era in which greening your wedding is oh-so-stylish, her designs allow you to wear that environmental commitment - and look good every step of the way.

The Southern Belle - Suzanne Perron

A fashion designer rooted in a culture of debutantes, oversized weddings, and Mardi Gras queens seems somehow destined to create magnificent white ball gowns steeped in timeless elegance. For New Orleans-native Suzanne Perron, that ambition took root when she received her first sewing machine from the Easter Bunny when she was 5 years old. "I dreamed of making beautiful romantic wedding gowns that mirrored the traditional aesthetic of this beautiful historic city," she remembers.

First though, she had to learn her craft by studying under Carolina Herrera, Ana Sui, and Vera Wang in New York City. Thirteen years later, a homesick Perron returned to New Orleans to set up her bridal boutique.

Suzanne's designs are clearly inspired by the city's distinct culture and celebrated architecture. On her gowns, you will find pintucking that mimics a fluted column on a St. Charles mansion or beadwork inspired by the intricate filigree and plaster work that finishes door frames and ceilings throughout the city.

She admits that she's "not looking to be fashion-forward" and instead describes her designs as "once in a lifetime gowns in white and ivory," despite the many stylists and editors who insist color is en vogue. It's a natural union for a designer who continues to make a name for herself in a city where traditions are preserved and celebrated.

The Embellishment Artiste - Mariana Leung

For Mariana Leung, it's a wedding dress's smallest detail that affords the greatest self expression. "I love that my imagination can run wild with embroidery, since I can adapt an embellishment for a woman of any shape, size, taste and budget," she explains, "no other aspect of a wedding gown grants such freedom." Leung has channeled that creative streak since childhood when her father convinced her she was talented enough to make her own clothes. "Every time I asked for an outfit in a store window, he responded that I could make a better version of it myself," she remembers.

Leung honed those skills designing couture embroidery for the bridal industry's top houses - Monique Lhullier, Vera Wang, and Giorgio Armani. "Bridal was the perfect fit because it's the one outfit that is purchased on emotion instead of practicality, granting more room for creativity," says the 34-year-old. Now, she's parlaying that experience into her own gowns, conceptualized and built around an intricate embroidery pattern. Most of her brides bring a motif to incorporate, such as the detailing of an heirloom piece of jewelry or a pattern from a grandmother's wedding dress. Others peruse Leung's "look book" of embroidery designs for inspiration.

For such a personal, hands-on experience, Leung has a surprising number of out-of-town clients. For one project, a bride e-mailed a picture of flowers from her family's backyard, and Mariana designed a bolero jacket with fabric appliques inspired by the flowers for the bride to wear over the very basic gown she had already purchased. "The project proved that customization and luxury can be affordable," she says, "you just need to get a little creative."

From:Cori Russell

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0 Romantic Wedding Dresses

A romantic wedding gown is always a favorite design because the tight upper body piece makes the body looks slimmer with a big skirt. Even teenagers like wearing this style to their prom occasions. Obviously, this design is very flattering for anyone who would wear it. It is also very feminine when worn.

0 Modest Ball Gown Wedding Dresses 2

Wedding Dresses - Ballgown Style

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress has a tight fitting bodice with boning and a full skirt. Think Scarlett O'Hara or Cinderella.

This style is perfect for a fairy tale wedding and is ideally suited for traditional formal weddings. The silhouette pairs a fitted bodice with a full skirt and may be one piece or separates. and is ideally suited for traditional formal weddings.

There are many different necklines which combine with and sleeve lengths to create as many different looks as there are different weddings. A strapless ball gown with opera length gloves, is a stunningly dramatic gown. If you prefer a simple elegant look, go with a floor length, off the shoulder dress with a V neck bodice.

The ball gown works well with a train as the skirt can balance the weight of a train. Either a cathedral length train or the more modest brush length train will look wonderful with this style of wedding dress.

Different fabrics will highlight different aspects of your dress. Beading or lace work on the bodice, with a plain satin skirt accentuate the upper body. A floaty effect can be achieved using multiple layers of light fabric.

The volume of the ball gown requires a petticoat or crinoline to support the structure. Layers of organza, or tulle, can also support the skirt but with a slightly soft silhouette.

If you have a slender or pear-shaped figures the ball gown is ideal for you. The full skirt will emphasise your waist and hide your lower body. If you have a large bust, this style will help to create the hourglass look.

Things to Consider:

Not the easiest dress to wear the ball gown has a couple of drawbacks for some brides. Petite brides may not have the height to balance the size of the skirt, and if you are full busted you may find a really wide skirt makes you look larger. An A-line or princess cut dress can be more flattering in these circumstances.

Best Figure Type:

Ball gown wedding dresses, have a fitted bodice and full, wide skirt. Flaring out from the waist, your waistline will look slimmer and (if you need it) large hips or thighs will be camouflaged. Wedding gowns with a basque waist have a fitted bodice with downward-pointing "V". This "V" shape suits tall brides, and also brides with a short body and long legs. The "V" shape should be avoided if you are short or have a short body with long legs. Most other body types can wear the ball gown style wedding dress.

Fabrics to use:

Tulle, organza, taffeta for the skirt. Velvet, Duchess satin Damask or brocade for bodice are just some choices.

From:Wanda Arnold

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Short Wedding Dresses - The Way of the Future!

Short Wedding Dresses are becoming all the rage. While many traditional brides love the long gown, there are some that really like the idea of a chic short gown. They are much cooler for a summer wedding. They often cost less to purchase or make due to less material needed.

Many brides opt for both so that they can wear the gown for the wedding ceremony and for the pictures and first part of the reception. The bride would then go and change into the shorter wedding dress to wear for the rest of the evening.

One thing to be sure of, is that if you are going with the wedding gown and the wedding dress, they should be similar in design, so that all of your accessories will match, and it will look better in pictures. This is a great idea, if you can afford to purchase or make both.

Shorter wedding dresses are not only more comfortable and less bulky, but they can look just as lovely as a full gown. They are great for a beach wedding where a heavy long gown would not fit in. A beautiful shorter, lightweight flowing gown would be a better choice.

Many brides just like the look of the shorter dress for them. There is a large selection of the short wedding dresses, and they are beautiful in style and fit. There are many options available that look just as a gown would in the bodice.

As long as you want the shorter dress, stick to your guns as there may be people to try to talk you into buying a gown. If this is a second wedding, the shorter length is very appropriate. If this is an informal wedding, then this is the way to go. You know what you want, and what looks good on you, and if short is your style then go for it.

Short wedding dresses are very stylish and many brides are choosing this option, it is in trend right now, maybe that is why more brides are choosing the shorter styles, or maybe it is that you have seen a short gown in a magazine that caught your eye.

The traditional long gown with the train is still the favored option for weddings. Many brides are not traditional and like to step out of the box in a fantastic short dress. Maybe this is what the groom likes as well. The point is that whatever type of dress you choose, this is your special day, and what you want goes.

The bridesmaids will like the shorter styles as often these can be used at other formal events, so they get more use out of them. This is true with your wedding dress as well depending on the style you might be able to wear your dress to another formal event. If you are a shoe girl the short dress will let you show off that awesome pair of wedding shoes that you chose to wear. Just listen to your heart, get what you want, and have a happy day.

From:Beverley Post

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Which Ball Wedding Gown is the Right Choice?

Each wedding planner has a unique style that is their own. There are many choices to be made with one of the most important being the style of the wedding dress. Those planning the bride's attire must take several things into consideration such as the size and shape of the bride's body.

There are several reasons to choose ball wedding gown dresses. This style can be very complimentary for the full figured bride. The combination of a full skirt with a perfectly designed top can adorn her in beauty and be flattering of her figure.

One will need to try on several styles to see what will indeed work the best. Sometimes clothing looks much different hanging in a window than it does in actual wearing. Trying dresses on is the one sure way to make certain it not only fits, but gives the right look to the right areas. It can also help avoid dresses which can give an odd or draw undue attention to key areas such as hips or busts. Sometimes the full skirted look can odd shaped on someone of shorter stature.

Ball wedding gown dresses may be constructed of many different types of material. Which combination of fabric is used may depend much on the available budget. Different laces or satins may be used to highlight various areas of the dress. This can be designed with the right look for the bride so that she can also highlight the proper areas of her figure.

There are many different designs in this style of wedding dress. Some may prefer a strapless top while some decide upon various neckline styles. Sleeves can be of any length depending on taste and look. The combination of sleeves and necklines can be very complimentary for the dress and the bride.

Accessories are also very compatible with the ball wedding gown. Some may wear shawls or gloves with their dress. These can be as exquisite as the dress. Many times the finer types of fabric are used for these accessories to match areas of the dress using the same.

Ball wedding gown dresses are most usually used for very formal weddings. If the wedding which is being planned is formal or fairy tale themed this wedding gown is an excellent choice. It is a wide open style which leaves a lot of options open for the bridal party. It can be designed according to her personal taste.

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Redefining Tradition - The Vintage Wedding Dress Comeback

instead of spending hours fighting with other equally frustrated brides over wedding dresses in designer stores and bridal boutiques, why not take the easy route by going for something a little more unique-a vintage wedding dress perhaps?

Think about it: no more tug-of-wars with other brides when you find a particularly nice gown. No more hours of waiting just so you can fit a wedding dress. With the vintage wedding dress, you have less competition and less hassle.

What Is It?

As tradition would have it, wedding dresses used to be handed down from generation to generation. In a way, you can consider the wedding garb passed from bride to bride as "vintage".

Today, most brides buy their own wedding dresses instead of opting for their mother's or grandmother's dress. There's more to "vintage" than simply being "old". When buying a vintage wedding dress, learn the lingo.

In the world of wedding dresses, there's a small difference between an antique dress and a vintage dress. When you say antique wedding dress, you're referring to a dress that was made in the 1920s or earlier. While the vintage wedding dress, on the other hand, refers to a dress that was created at least 25 years ago.

Why We Love It
Now that we're done with terminology and proper usage of "vintage" and "antique", we can now tackle the reasons why we love these old wedding dresses. These days, it's not uncommon for you to find Hollywood A-listers wearing vintage gowns during red carpet events. It seems as if the "old" has just made a timely and amazingly successful comeback fit to eclipse the "new".

What's fabulous about getting a vintage wedding dress is that you can choose between numerous dress styles. Vintage wedding dresses span decades of ebbing and flowing fashion trends. You can choose between a Victorian dress and a lovely vintage sheath dress, knowing that whichever style you choose, you're going vintage.

You simply have to find the era that flatters your figure best and appeals to you the most, and you've got the right vintage wedding dress style for you.

It's the perfect wedding dress choice if you're going for a historical themed wedding, or if you're looking to add some drama to your wedding ceremony. If you have the budget, you can even choose a historical palace or location as your wedding venue, easily transporting you and your guests to some forgotten era.

Aside from their aesthetic and historical appeal, vintage wedding dresses also show off the extraordinary and fabulous craftsmanship and detailing used by dressmakers from decades ago. Most of the vintage dresses you'll find these days are also free from carbon copies and replicas, so you can be sure that no other modern bride has the exact same dress that you have.

If you're a big fan of stunning embroidery, luxurious fabrics and wonderful hand-sewn beading, then the vintage wedding dress is for you.

From:Aira Guzman

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0 Modest Wedding Dresses

If you've set foot inside of a formalwear department store or a nationwide bridal retailer lately, you know how difficult it is to find wedding and bridesmaids gowns that come anywhere close to satisfying higher standards of modesty. Modest brides need to eliminate a lot of dresses from the running at first glance. So how do they select the best one from the remaining acceptable choices?

0 Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for a beautiful wedding dress? There are some things that you can do to find the best and most beautiful wedding dresses! Take time to read these tips, and look stunning on your wedding day!

The best wedding dresses are essential, because you are beautiful. When it comes to your big day, you need to make sure that you have the right kind of dress for the occasion. One of the first things that you want to do, is to look at the theme of your wedding, season, etc. Considering these points will allow you to find the best options, and you can do a lot.

There are many ways to find dresses, and you will discover here, how to find the most beautiful dresses, in the most shortest period of time! When you consider the theme for your big day, then you can better match the dress for the occasion. It gives more room to actually be able to find the most beautiful wedding dresses.

Taking the time to research is essential, and if you have visited a local store that sells dresses, you may have found that the selection was very limited. You need more options! After all, who doesn't like window shopping! Luckily there are more options, if you like traveling!

The first place to look, is a wedding magazine. In the magazine, you will often find that they actually have a few advertisements for stores that have dresses. This is great, and can provide you with the options to find the most beautiful wedding dresses.

Another option is to go online. I have found that online you can find many stores, and the selection is often bigger. The only problem is that you can't actually see the dress in front of you, and that doesn't represent the dress the most.

However, making sure that they have a return policy in place, you can have some assurances. When you consider that the prices at these online stores is often much cheaper than if you went to a local store, especially with research, you can rest assured that you can find the best and most beautiful wedding dresses, and create a day of bliss!

From:Sarah Reddingworth

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0 Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses

What Makes Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses Be Trendsetters?

Six new styles from Oleg Cassini are released at the very beginning of 2010 summer. This young artist has made several fabulous trend statements before. However, the new tide stirred up by her summer wedding gown collection still surprises all of us. Nobody can deny this young artist is an excellent trendsetter. Never have we found she compromised on the style and quality. She and the brand named by her own name pop out in the fashion industry all the time.

The wedding gown is a tangible touch of a bride' s attitude and approach to life. Oleg Cassini always makes new trends on these special dresses because she brings girls' dreamy moment into reality with visible & glamorous dresses. Pretty colors and luxurious fabrics create charming looks. She enables everybody to perceive the happiness on the wedding.

Oleg Cassini recognized new expectations from modern girls. It' s a reality today' s girls have stronger appetites for luxury. Attire, handbags, shoes, etc on them are found to be branded. They never stop expecting new tastes. This designer applies more modish ideas and colors on her new editions. This summer, white is still popular. However, Oleg Cassini also finds special charm on blue, purple, ivory and champagne. Unique colors bring out fresh & classy looks stunningly.

Of course, designer wedding gowns are expensive. They are unaffordable for most people. You will never see original bridal wears from Oleg Cassini are sold on less than $1000 in a local store. However, in spite of this, most girls still find easier accesses to these luxuries. Keep an open eye to the fashion industry; you will find branded bridal wears are sold on much cheaper prices online. Think for minutes before breaking the wallet to buy an Oleg Cassini wedding gown. There are really other ways to get one of ornate piece from that talented artist without costing too much.

From:Connie Mohatta

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0 Elegant Wedding Dresses

Many Beautiful Choices For Elegant Wedding Dresses Available to Today's Bride

With all of the lovely gown styles available to brides, the bride-to-be can now have the type of fairytale wedding that she would like, no matter her budget or season in life. If the bride wishes to have an informal wedding, ceremony on a beach, or destination wedding, there are many elegant wedding dresses from which she may choose. Wedding gowns come in a plethora of fabrics, and brides can decide on either flowing organza or chiffon dresses, or the more traditional lace or satin and taffeta frocks, to wear for an unforgettable walk down the aisle.

If the wedding ensemble budget is limited, a bride still has a very wide selection of bridal gowns, that range in style from quite simple with very little beading and decoration, to the more elaborate gown made entirely of lace. The limited budget bride can also have her choice of elegant wedding dresses that range in length from above the knee to a sweet tea length, or an ankle length dress, which would look very charming with a pair of high heels. Beautiful straight or sheath gowns lend themselves quite well to destination weddings, as well as informal beach ceremonies, and oftentimes do not feature a train.

If the bride has more to invest in her wedding ensemble, she can pick from the host of styles that are more suited to an indoor or church ceremony. A fairytale wedding can be experienced by the bride while wearing a gown of traditional satin or taffeta, and trimmed with several different laces, including either the delicate Alencon or Chantilly lace, or for a more defined look, lovely Venice lace. These elegant wedding dresses may have straight skirts with detachable trains, or the bridal gown may have an elegant A-line silhouette with a chapel length train. A bridal gown with a full ball room style skirt often features a dramatic cathedral train, which is perfect for a fairytale Cinderella type ceremony.

For the bride that is not constrained by any budgetary means for her gown, she can have a lovey wedding dress made of the finest luxurious silk. There are some elegant wedding dresses that are created out of silk satin or taffeta, and these gowns often display very elaborate bead work of genuine pearls, Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones, such as rubies or even diamonds. These gowns are the ultimate in the fairytale wedding gown, with styling ranging from classically modest, to strapless evening looks.

From:Samuel Davidson Noel

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0 Indoor Wedding Dresses

Indoor Wedding Dresses
Indoor Wedding Dresses

0 Garden Wedding Dresses

Garden weddings are very creative and help boost the emotions and love the couple share for each other. The main highlights of such weddings are obviously the varied colored flowers. The bride can carry the coordinated color of flower bouquet and keep it with her throughout the wedding ceremony. The most contemporary themes go well with the shades of lilac, purple, lavender and celadon green. With garden wedding as the theme, the flowers should be arranged loosely but beautifully in the urns. You should choose some small and classy centerpieces rather than the huge ones as they fail to attract the attention of the guests.

0 Lace Wedding Dresses

Brides want to look their best during this important occasion and it's really overwhelming considering the choices available.
Idealistic and comfortable materials are used in different ways to craft numerous designs of wedding bridal veils and wedding dresses. Wedding gowns designed by using chiffon have proved very popular with the bride heading towards one of the exotic venues abroad or on one of the beautiful romantic beaches around the world. The soft flow of the fabric adds magic to a wonderful and romantic picture, with the bride dressed in a wedding gown designed by using chiffon and standing center stage.

Lace is really in fashion at present. The French Leavers Laces are the most trendy and well-accepted laces. This lace variety is imported from France and adds glamour to lace coats, boleros and corseted bodices and adds flair to the fishtail trains, and these laces add glamour and sophisticated look to the wedding gown.

Tulle, which is embroidered, is also very popular and flexible. This lace gives you the elegant look with, shiny sophistication with a slight touch of romantic and dreamy look. This lace comes almost plain, but is often appliqu├ęd with flowers and highlighted with beads, pearls and sequins. These laces are mostly designed in the Far East and therefore, they slightly cost lesser than the French laces. They have there own characteristics and certainly make unique and distinctive wedding gowns.

The Lace wedding dresses are either loved for their feel and romanticism or hated, for their ability to be transported into doily esque frocks. Some brides don't like the 'all too laced' look. Some dresses have a deep V-neck and the laced wedding dress designs fall in a mermaid line and give the bride an hourglass shape.

There are many classic styled wedding dresses and western styled wedding gowns, which are available in affordable prices. For example a beautiful laced wedding gown is an ideal dress for summer or spring. A well-designed and fitted lace bodice can be finely cut to compliment the figure, like a fairy tale dress.

Looking out for something romantic, then go in for a beautiful, romantically designed western wedding gown, which can be excellently cut to enhance the beautiful and elegant female figure. A well designed and cut dress combines unique tapestry and exclusive lace on the bodice and a full eight point skirt, Alencon sleeves which are re-embroidered, hand beaded and sequined neckline with lace and 6" fringe on the skirt and bodice.

So, go head and look flirty and feminine with lace that is one of the biggest trends of the season and showing it off in your wedding dress can create a naughty and sensational feel on the 'D' day. The use of lace accentuates any dress, wedding or not.

From:Karen Lincoln
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