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0 5 Fun Wedding Cakes Modern Design Trends For 2010

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time for brides. Imagine having to manage everything from church and reception, the photographer and videographer, clothing and catering - in fact. Apart from everything mentioned, the wedding cake is one of the most important item in the event. That's because the cutting and eating cake by the bride wedding marks their first meal together as a married couple. To help couples choose the style of cake styles and their best clothes, here are five incredible new trend in wedding cakes to choose from.

Black and White.
Cake has become a popular style in 2009 and still continues like that for next year. This style is inspired by fashion runways, with their current love for monochromatics and black Spanish lace.
Hexagonal or square shape.
Typical heart-shaped or round cake now become too conventional for many couples. Thus, multi-layered cake cubes or hexagonal recently become a growing trend.
Blue is the color.
The blue color in the wedding cake is also becoming popular lately with the couple soon-to-be-married. Shades of blue, sometimes fused with green like aquamarine or turquoise, has made appearances with couples who prefer colorful cakes.

Think pink.
The color pink is projected to be used even more in 2010 as a wedding motif. So the only natural to draw on the pink for a wedding cake, to coordinate with your bridesmaid dress' and the accent wedding dress.
Square cupcakes.
Using the tower of cupcakes instead of traditional wedding cake is also a big trend in 2009. It's become fashionable to use the cupcakes, which easily eliminates the need for skilled cookie cutters and appointed. In this way, every guest enjoys their own individual treat, with easy and fun.

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