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     If you are looking for Internet wedding forums you will find hundreds of stories of people ordering a unique design for their wedding cake and on their big day comes and looks horrible, put the dampener on the reception. One of the odd disaster cake designs on the 'Yelp' is a woman who orders a cake with fondant Ninja as a small joke to her husband and accept the cookies that do not have Ninja as requested but the swastika in the design of marriage.

You need to make clear to your baker what you want. This may involve drawing or sketch, more details the better. Do not take anything for granted as you must remember, the baker can not picture the way you do it exactly in your description. Try and see the wedding cake design you through the eyes of others. Simple cake designs are more secure and do not offend the general as everything about them should be fine. Remember you only need to design a wedding cake that will feed 80% of people who came. General statistics that 20% of people will not eat wedding cake so you can save money by not making it too large, but as simple as possible.
Many people today have a mixture of fruit cake and sponge levels so that you accommodate the most flavor in the cake. I think if you want to please all the people you might have a basic fruit cake, 2 tier sponge normal and diabetes top tier. That should cover all angles and show the caring and thorough with your personality.
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