Thursday, April 7, 2011

0 Bridal Wedding Dress Trends Of 2011

wedding dresses attend mainstream and retro gorgeousness. bridal wedding dress trends of 2011 to make the wedding so romantic. Beautiful sense of interpreting the charm of beauty and elegance. bridal wedding gown requires majestic beauty and implicit. This year's theme is romance of a wedding dress. Is the series of traditional and modern wedding gowns, luxury model or a simple model is surrounded with love.
Trend 1: Complex Easy
This trend is like circles, lines neat and simple wedding dress style, popular a few years ago, this year to fade. The main style of wedding dress in 2011 has returned back to the complex and simple style retro style.
Trend 2: White is no longer just a color
Of course, the white wedding dress is always a popular color, but increasingly no longer the only choice for the bride.

Several elegant light colors, like beige, off-white ivory, champagne, light blue, also a series of popular wedding gown color.
Trend 3: Accessories back to the minimalist
Wedding dress accessories mainly contained headdresses, necklaces and earrings. A pair of beautiful earrings, necklaces diamonds simple lines, and even small enough engraved diamond clasp in accordance with the perfect wedding dress.
Before you will prepare a wedding dress, just follow the mode and select your wedding dress. Is a wedding dress bridal gown 2010, or 2011 which followed the new trend, you will be a bright star. Of course, these are usually cheap wedding dress, which will not increase your extra costs.

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