Tuesday, March 15, 2011

0 William Ceriale Photography Eighteen years of Professional Wedding & Fashion Photography

William Ceriale Photography Eighteen years of Professional Wedding & Fashion.This was the atmosphere in the shooting events in the wedding ceremony, a beautiful residential area neat and elegant.
The beauty of a very charming staircase made ​​everyone fell asleep in the atmosphere, created an atmosphere that is very interesting.

Seattle Wedding photographer - format.
A photographer providing at least two cameras at a wedding is essential. One of my cameras will have a wider lens
and a other one with a longer lens. As I shoot both B&W and color at each wedding, As a photographer I will often switch lenses
between cameras, optimize each setting. As a photographer shooting both with and without flash will enhance the photos.
Seattle Brides and grooms don't want to see each another before a wedding ceremony, so it may be possible for
all group photos to be taken before a ceremony, shots of bride and groom together,
complete family shots have to be done after a ceremony.

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