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0 Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

        Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding receptions can be as varied and unique as the couples who plan them. For ideas on how to decorate for an upcoming wedding reception, you can take your cues from a huge number of sources.

In general, you will want to decide on an overall theme for the wedding reception, and make individual choices accordingly. The following tips may help get your imagination started.

* The latest trends in fashion can be a great source for inspiration. Try picking up a few fashion magazines and see if you can spot a color, pattern or style trend that would mesh nicely with the upcoming wedding. For example, if you are planning a Spring wedding and the magazines all say metallics are hot, then consider working some metallics into your décor, such as with tulle around the centerpieces or headtable, or metallic ribbons in the bridal party flower bouquets.
* Take a hint from the season in which the wedding will be held. It can be fun to include the season in your wedding reception decoration ideas, because it helps make for a unique and memorable celebration. For example, consider all white and silver with snowflake confetti for a winter wedding, or all greens and flowers for Spring. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

* Decide on a color scheme and stick with it. Too many colors can look really busy instead of festive. Try using several shades of a color such as pale through to deep pinks for pizzazz and impact.

* Consider taking cues from the background of the bride and/or groom, or the families. For example, if the groom's family loves golf, put a roll of turf leading into the hall instead of red carpet, and have little golf-themed favors for guests.
* Take the locale into account. If the city hosting the wedding reception is famous for a certain landmark, or perhaps a style of cooking, this can be Article Source: into the décor for a special and innovative theme. Imagine a wedding in New Orleans with little Cajun- or jazz-themed touches.

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