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Gold Prom Dresses
Gold Prom Dresses
Gold Prom Dresses
Gold Prom Dresses

Goddess in a Gold Prom Dress

We all know that gold is the color of flair, royalty, money, and extravagance. There is no better color to show off your inner Goddess than this brilliantly bold statement-making color. For your prom consider showing off your gorgeous side with this wondrous color. You can not only turn heads, but you can bring out a new sparkle for your date to see. This is a fabulous way to accent a glitzy dress, or a way to accessorize a pair of metallic gold heels. You do not necessarily have to dress to a T in gold, the dress itself doesn't have to be brilliant gold, but it couldn't hurt if you are trying to make a full-out statement.

Accessories of gold are a way to bring classic eye-catching brilliance to any outfit (assuming the colors mesh). The latest runway fashion tip involves make-up in gold shades. Using a shade of eye shadow that is made of sparkling gold hues is the season's hottest trend. But stopping at your lids is not the only way to go. Even though many make-up manufacturers have created their own gold-shimmer dust products should not hinder you from getting creative with your gold shadow shades. This all-in-one shadow color can give you a flare all over. Use gold eye shadow to accent not only your lids, but also your brow bone, the slant of your nose, your cheek bones, and also, using a large powder brush you can spread shimmer across your collar bones as well. This all over goddess look will flatter even the most timid.

If you are off to prom in a sleeveless, or strapless, dress then this all-over-gold look is perfect for you. It will give you a radiant glow that even a dimly lit room can not deter. But don't stop there. Gold accent earrings, necklaces, and even hair-accessories such as pins, small gold flower accents, and headbands of metallic gold hues can give a new life to the right dress shades. Gold nail polish with a wrist-full of gold bangles will allow you to pull off the gold-tipped appeal. Even a simple dusting of glitter over your gold polish can add an additional flair. You can create a head-to-toe golden Goddess look by simply applying accessories, or by introducing a gleaming dress with simple golden accents. Either way you can be a golden Goddess without looking over-done.

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