Sunday, March 20, 2011

0 Unique Bridal Gown Design And Newest

Unique Bridal Gown Design And Newest

Sweet Melissa is the designer wedding dress with a successful debut in combining odd and elegant in every garment made​​. He was born in Kentucky and discovered her love for sewing at a very young age. When other girls were playing house or with dolls Melissa honed talents to sew clothes under the supervision of your grandmother. During class he would sketch designs dresses and often create their own fabric setting fashion trends in her school to be motivation for him.
During the summer of Melissa taking some summer courses at the Parsons School of Design. He then went to Bauder College in Atlanta and received his degree from the university. In 1996, Melissa opened his first boutique with a new mix of elegant and unusual designs. Sweet eye for modern design and glamorous vintage set him apart from the competition. This looks fresh start that captures attention in Georgia aged 22-28 newlyweds to-bees. As it gained popularity he began selling their clothes for national bridal boutiques across the country.

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