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0 Wedding Favor Ideas for Every Budget Design

Wedding Favor Ideas for Every Budget Design .You have always thought about walking down the aisle, it is one of your goals in life. You have been invited to your friend's, your cousin's, your co-teacher's, your sister in law's brother and a whole lot more of other people's weddings. You have received dozens of wedding favor ideas and wedding place cards in your name.

The cards have filled up your entire drawer. What can you do with the cards? Should you throw it away? How about the wedding favors?

That's too bad, those gifts are well-meant. Why not be creative and use these wedding souvenirs and wedding place cards into something new and useful? Here are some wedding favor ideas to help you out.

Wondering What to Do with All Those Wedding Favors?

Imagine you cleaning up the clutter in your cabinet and you come upon dozens of various wedding place cards and souvenirs. Are wondering what to do with it? Bring new life to your wedding memorabilia with these useful wedding favor ideas.

• Put your wedding place cards into a scrapbook as a diary of the wedding events you have been to. Depending upon the bulk and the materials used for the wedding place cards, you can store them down neatly into a scrapbook to make a memory of how many wedding events you have been.

• Or, you can cut of your name off these wedding place cards and use them as labels for your other belongings. Put it on your organizer or diary as a bookmark, or just turn it into a personalized sticker.

Traditionally a bonbonniere was a small gift of sugared cubes or sweets and later sugared almonds. Each guest would receive five sugar coated almonds to symbolise health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness. Today, wedding favors have become a booming business and come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple to the extreme.

Wedding favors can account for a large portion of your wedding budget, if you have a hundred guests and you spend $5 each could that $500 be better spent somewhere else? So before you rush out and spend hundreds of dollars ask yourself if you really need wedding favors at all? For a number of brides this is still considered a non-essential item. If it is not a priority for you then the biggest saving would be to avoid it altogether.

If you would really like to give your guests a small gift then enjoy the next few pages. We’ve thought of some wonderful wedding favors for all sorts of wedding themes and all sorts of budgets.

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