Tuesday, March 15, 2011

0 Wedding Cakes Using Flowers

Wedding Cakes Using Flowers.Everyone would be wanting bread made ​​in a party perningkahannya delicious, but also certainly the appearance of the bread should not look beautiful as well, following some ideas from me:

Many brides interested in the idea of ​​using artificial dyed flowers for their wedding cake decoration round, instead of using natural flowers. The reasons vary from case to case. But brides mostly dealing with tight wedding budget and want to reduce costs, while others are sensitive or allergic to fresh flowers.

If you wish to taste more taste, and sweet and natural look, choose to decorate your wedding cake rounds using edible flowers made ​​from gum paste, sugar, marzipan, fondant, chocolate cream, butter or icing. Place the flowers between the levels of cake round to look more majestic, or in a cascading style, to see, more dramatic petite, stylish and romantic, because the beauty of flowers depend oada klita own place.

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