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0 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses - Make Your Wedding Special

With weddings becoming more and more customized, non traditional wedding dresses are popping up more and more. After all, not every woman dreams of a princess wedding gown and not every woman who does can afford one. There are some cases where a big ruffled dress just does not make sense.
Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Beach Weddings - Most brides who get married on the beach prefer a more streamlined look and often opt for a more non traditional wedding dress. These dresses are often shorter in length and have no train.

Theme Weddings - Some brides choose to have a theme wedding to go along with the personality of the couple. The theme may be a hobby or sport that the couple likes, such as golf, or it might be a movie theme or holiday theme. In all of these cases, a wedding dress that matches the theme would be much more appropriate than a big poofy dress.

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Casual Weddings - Lots of couples are opting for a more casual wedding. Brides may be dressed in a nice cocktail dress or even a casual dress and grooms would be dressed nice slacks and a button up shirt. These weddings often take place in a court house, public park or even at the zoo.
Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Color Themed Weddings - More and more brides are choosing wedding dress colors other than white. A popular trend in the last few years has been to get a beautiful wedding gown in black or even red. These dresses are often intricate and beautiful, just made in a different color.

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