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0 Modest Wedding Gowns

Modest Wedding Gowns

Modest Wedding Gowns: They Do Exist! You Can Get It...

If it seems like most of the wedding gowns out there are either strapless, sleeveless, or just generally revealing, you are right. While a generation ago, bridal gowns were not marketed as being sexy, today many gowns definitely fit that description. Brides who want a more modest wedding gown, whether for reasons of religion, wanting to feel more covered, or simply personal style often feel like they are never going to be able to find the perfect wedding dress. But do not despair: modest wedding gowns do exist!
Modest Wedding Gowns

It can be difficult when the style of bridal gown you seek is not what is predominantly available. Brides who want less revealing dresses still want something that looks current and is flattering, and it can be daunting indeed to find anything that meets all those criteria. One bright spot for brides who do not want to wear a strapless gown is the beautiful wedding dress worn by Princess Catherine. Thanks to her, we are going to be seeing a lot more wedding gowns with sleeves. Any bride who is looking for inspiration on how to look appropriately modest, timeless, and chic all at the same time need look no further than the lovely royal bride. And if your religion requires that you wear a gown with sleeves that cover your arms completely, keep in mind that it may be possible to order a dress with sheer lace sleeves with a solid lining under the lace. Problem solved!

Modest Wedding Gowns

For brides who simply prefer classic over sexy in a wedding dress, there are some very nice options available. A classic bateau neckline gown with a tulle skirt would be a lovely choice. Add some elegant pearl bridal jewelry to play up the 1950s inspiration of this style. If you prefer a gown with sleeves, it is a simple matter to add cap sleeves, three-quarter, or long sleeves to this neckline. Another option is to add a fitted bolero jacket. It would be beautiful to wear a lace bolero for a special detail. You could even have the lace beaded with pearls to complement your pearl bridal jewelry set. If is not sleeves that concern you, but rather low cut necklines, take a look at one shoulder gowns. They are very chic, and tend to be cut high enough across the front that nothing is revealed.

Too much cleavage can be a major challenge for well endowed brides. If you want everyone to focus on your happy face rather than your ample bustline, a more modest gown is a must. But be careful to avoid dresses with very high necklines like bateau necks. Yes, they will hide your cleavage, but you will also look like you are nothing but bust from the neck down! A better solution is to choose a dress with a flattering neckline, and have the designer raise the neckline as needed to tuck everything in. V-necks are particularly flattering on fuller busted brides, as the straight lines are minimizing.
Modest Wedding Gowns

Even if a gown designer cannot make a custom pattern change to make the dress you love more appropriate, a good seamstress can often work wonders. Many brides have "modesty panels" added to the front of their gowns, which effectively raises the neckline to make it less revealing. This is a great way to change a V-neck, scoopneck, or sweetheart gown to fit your needs. Modesty panels can be very attractive; sometimes they are made from the same fabric as the gown, but often they are made from a pretty piece of lace or embroidered fabric. When done well, a modesty panel will become a beautiful addition to the design of the wedding dress, and will in no way look like an afterthought.

Still haven't found quite the modest dress of your dreams? Having your wedding dress custom made is always an option, as is ordering something special from your favorite gown designer. Also consider looking into a vintage bridal gown. Not only will the cuts be modest, each vintage gown is one of a kind, just like each bride.

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