Sunday, May 15, 2011

0 Beautiful White Wedding Dress

Beautiful White Wedding Dress
Simple White Wedding Gown From Michael
Twelve years more and find the style of Michael's work and identity in the line design. color and white accents, seems to be the brand image of his work. The white color has a meaningful philosophy of simple, peaceful, and holy. It also implies the meaning of the stages of one's achievement. Being of white color is the color science base that will be transformed into another color that dazzle. Michael was a successful achievement of the trip in the title in dazzling Purity, not long ago
Beautiful white wedding dress
A single fashion show presents 50 works that the dominance of Michael's elegant style. For Michael, 12 years of work simply placing it into a fashion designer, creative, able to win the heart of the market - able to remain committed to the ideals and identity. Because he has a distinctive style, which has some fashion by Michael. In the midst of competition of fashion designers in Yogyakarta - writer Michael was able to show another style.
White modern wedding dresses
White lace wedding dress
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