Saturday, February 26, 2011

0 Military Bridal Gown Giveaway wedding dress

This dress is very good in use in the event perningkahan your party, you certainly do not wasted a moment in your life. We would appreciate your gown donation for this special event. Other items will be accepted as well such as veils, tiaras, jewelry and bridal shoes.

Our goal is to create awareness that these people are sacrificing their lives for us. Let us all help each other and thank these bride and grooms for serving our nation.

Join us in helping replace uniforms with wedding dresses for free! We need your wedding gown donations to help our military to be a princess bride for a day. We will provide donated gowns to military brides on our upcoming Military Event July 8 & 9. Help us in this philanthropic opportunity to show appreciation for their heart felt service to our country. It is time we come back and give support.

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